Gertrude’s Mystery Solved

On Friday night, Gertrude was taken to our Pine Mountain Vet Clinic, when the 2 year old Labrador’s owner noticed she was not quite herself.

On arrival she was very unwell, lethargic and vomiting and Dr Amy was concerned Gertrude had a foreign body! Radiographs and blood work was done and we expected the worst. Gertrude was placed on intravenous fluids as she was very dehydrated from not eating and vomiting for the past 24 hours. She was also given antibiotics and medications to help with her nausea.

After a night on a high rate of intravenous fluids, Gertrude was much brighter Saturday morning and Dr. Hannah could no longer palpate any foreign body. Originally it was thought Gertrude had possibly swallowed a macadamia, which had then caused a small blockage. Thinking this had passed, and that Gertrude was brighter in herself, surgery was not recommended – but to continue medications and fluids, and be transferred to the Booval Vet Hospital for further monitoring over the weekend.

At Booval Vet Hospital, where Gertrude had come for puppy preschool 2 years ago, was looking even brighter on Sunday and even managed to eat a small meal. But a minor regurgitation and the fact no faeces had been passed, caused further concern. More radiographs were taken, but no obvious obstruction was seen, often shown by large amounts of gas backed up or distended intestines and colon. Most objects don’t show up, unless a metal or plastic.

Gertrude continued to brighten and showed only signs of improvement. When her lovely owners visited, she bounced around and wagged her tail and went for a long walk around the clinic. Although not demolishing her food like a normal Labrador, she was eating a small amount and was discharged to see if she would show further improvement at home.

When Gerty did go home, she ate, but unfortunately this brought on further vomiting, and it was at this point, the owners decided further investigation needed to be done. Specialist Ultrasonographer Dr. Galloway was called in and an ultrasound performed. Images were taken that did in fact show a large obstruction and a very inflamed gastrointestinal tract. Surgery went ahead that evening to remove this object that had been causing such health problems to poor Gertrude.

Dr Adrian performed the exploratory surgery and sure enough, found the foreign object. A small section of a corn cob!

Gertrude recovered quickly from surgery, and today was able to go home to her family, but not without numerous cuddles, and attention from all the Vets and Nurses and Booval Vet Hospital!