Vet:” Ill just pop out quickly and do some cytology on this sample.”

What does this mean? Where are they going? Why did they steal fluffy’s sample?

Cytology is the study of cells, which means the vet who has just taken a sample from your pet is going to look at it under a microscope at such a detailed level they will be able to see the individual cells that makeup the sample!

“How does this help my pet?”
Cytologic examinations can be performed on body fluids (such as blood, urine or faeces) or on material that is aspirated from the body – (usually lumps and bumps on your pet). Cytology also can involve examinations of scrapping from specific areas of the body (usually itchy or irritated areas such as ears, feet, and stomach). ?Best of all, this can be done –in clinic, during your appointment, with usually, a same day diagnosis!

“I always see photos of blue and purple circles? What does this mean?”
Simply, the sample in stained using a special combination of laboratory stains, in a particular order, for a particular amount of time. Certain types of cells take up the certain colours, highlighting to the vet particular cells they should be focusing on.

The three most common reasons we perform in clinic cytology is:

– Ear Irritations: What type of inflammation your pet’s ear has: Whether it is a bacterial with yeast secondary infection, which just requires medication, or, a secondary bacterial and malassezia infection which may result in the need for surgery.

– Lumps, Bumps and Cysts: If a lump found on your pet’s body is benign or malignant – cells can show up in a smear, determining if the lump doesn’t require further concern, or if surgery is recommended to remove the lump.

– Itchy Skin: By performing a skin scrape on the irritated area, the vet can asses whether the irritation is due to microscopic parasites (demodectic mange, mites or fleas) or a bacterial, fungal or yeast infection. This allows the correct treatment for your pet, whether a medicated shampoo or prescribed medication.

Remember – this can be done at all three of our Ipswich Clinics, Booval Veterinary Hospital, Karalee Village Veterinary Clinic and Pine Mountain Vet Clinic. So if your pet has a lump, bump or itch, get it checked today